We just got a new bassist that isn't so great. Our guitarists however are pretty good. So I was wondering if you bassist could tell me any songs that have a fairly easy bass part but still a guitar part that won't bore us. Thanks!

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just get the bassist play root notes over and over....
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hmm....maybe try Enter Sandman by metallica. cool solo, and easy bass part.
idk..just throwing that out there
We agreed we wanted to do a song where everyone has a concrete part that they can listen to and get better for. If we just have him do what he's always done he won't learn anything.

And we play rock / metal...
For whom the bell tolls, nothing else matters...Try Rage Against The Machine. Some of their stuff is intermediate lvl but i find there songs and riffs are so catchy. Sleep now in the fire.

you could make him learn the way I had to. The guys i was playing with volunteered us for a coffee house gig. I had a week to learn 3 songs. Minus Human, Nothing Else Matters and one of our originals. I find you learn faster when you have a concrete goal.

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chili peppers..under the bridge

and i agree about RATM...bass lines are sweet yet not too hard to play
^+1 I'd put a whole lot of chili peppers songs in the intermediate catagory and several at the high end of the easy catagory, plus you can get real books of all of the bass parts for pretty much every album ( I haven't looked for anything before BSSM). Having real books might help your bass player learn because even the best tabs on UG can suck so much sometimes. (though I hate the way some of the chili peppers bass books arbitrarily place notation for the fills all over the place instead of in any real order... bad editing).
AC/DC is a good place to break him in. finding songs he can sound ok in, will encourage him to learn more. punk is also fun, and easy, as mentioned by IndianRockStar, yet gives the guitars something to bite into. if you think he's worth keeping, help him get better.
Another vote for Enter Sandman or For Whom the Bell Tolls

Be easy on him, if hge doesn't get it at first just work with him. It's alays tough being the one struggling while everyone else is excelling. Stay positive and he'll get better. Also, if he doesn't already have them, recommend he get some lessons.
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Free Bird! j/k... Unless the bass part is easy... Never really listened to LS. Sweet Home Alabama annoyed me too much.

If you dont mind drop C, To the Fallen Hero by God Forbid is pretty easy on bass.
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Thanks for the help guys. We choose him over a good bass player because he's a friend of ours. And he's actually been playing for like 6 days tomorrow...but he practices his ass off and he's getting so much better so fast. It's cool, he's really into it.