should power chords be played with your index + ring + pinkie or index + ring? i've seen people with big hands play it with 3 fingers. ive got small hands but i play it with 2 fingers, im not used to 3 fingers - its harder for me to change from chord to chord that way.

and also, i just got a strap today, and its my first time playing standing up in ages and i keep hitting the wrong strings, and i cant play all the chords properly (like i said my hands are small). its a bit of a stretch to fret 1st fret on the low e and 3rd fret on the a string without touching the other strings. any exercises for this?

practice and stretch your fingers out. and power chords should be played index finger, middle, and ring. it gives you more mobility with the chord.
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I play most power chords with Index + Pinky.

And also make SURE you get straplocks for your strap. You don't wanna be dropping your guitar around. It's NOT good. Believe me I know.

Also just try to concentrate on which strings you playing. You'll get better in time. I'm still getting better...

raise your strap.

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I usually just play pinky and index, but I have gigantic hands, so it may be easier to do other ways for some people.
i have small hands, and use only index and ring, and have no problems reaching three strings. if thats something you want to do, practice flattening out your ring finger on the fretboard so it completely frets both strings.
I used to use the technique with index+ring+pinky, but I was making a lot of noise when changing chords and slightly touching the strings, so I tried with index+ring and all the noise was gone, so I prefer using index + ring
I prefer index + pinky. It's most comfortable for me that way. If I want to double the root though, I'll use index + ring and pinky.
if you're having trouble playing standing up, adjust your strap so that the guitar is closer to you and closer to where your guitar would be if you were playing in a sitting position.
I use my index and ring fingers for powerchords.
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I usually use index and pinky, though i dont really try to play the octave, so im just using the two string power chord most of the time. If i do have to play three strings, i just flatten my pinky, but i dont pay that much attention, i dont notice the difference in sound that much...
If your having trouble playing standing.. start off with the guitar round your nips, then after each week lower it by and inch.. you will need to practice like a muda ****er tho!

Just remember, if you always sound perfect, your not learning anything new/challenging yourself!!! Sounding bad is a good thing as long as you know how to practice, lol, cus it means your about to get better and have sumthing to work towards..
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