Earlier I met a 13 year old kid who just started playing guitar, and had a decent electric guitar, nice amp, and many effect peddles.

So what gear did you start playing guitar with?

a used Jasmine tekiname (cant even spell the name now) acoustic guitar
a box of fender picks.
my dads vintage american strat and some very crappy 1 watt epiphone amp.
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piece of **** classical
and my first electric was a mexican strat that was water damaged that i got for free
Schecter Omen plus a crappy Drive amp.
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a JBP copy strat. didnt have picks until a week later. didnt have a strap until a month later. didnt get and amp until 3 months later.
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Fender Strat pack,
I still have it, and play it.
I'm going to get an Epiphone, because I don't wanna spend 1,000+ on a Gibson
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Takamine G230 acoustic, black pearloid Fender picks (Thin), Dunlop capo.....

Those were the days, I should go back to being a minimalist.
One of those Starcaster starter packs from Target...bad, bad mistake, but after a few adjustments it played better and the tone wasn't that horrible
Schecter C-1 Artist
Vox AD15VT
Epiphone EJ-200 Acoustic
The Fender Squier Jumpstart Pak!!!


now I got a Stratocaster and a Peavey Transtube 258 EFX which is not great but way freakin better that amp that came with it
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