I recently bought a Behringer X V-amp multi effects pedal for my guitar...The problem I am having is that, for one thing the instruction booklet sucks (maybe if I understood it better I wouldnt have a problem), but whenever I have the expression pedal set as a wah pedal, it seems to have no effect whatsoever...It works for all the other effects, pitch bend, volume, etc, but not the wah.

Anybody else had this problem or know whats wrong?

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try to reset the device (they explain at the manual) the wah-wah should work!!
if it's still not working, try press it all the way (there is a micro switch at the tnd the enable & disable the device.

if some time you will get the sound of metallica from it, please tell me how (how did you tune?)
for the wah you need to press the toe down hard until the little light beside wah turns on
then just rock it back and forth
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