how would you play this chord:

  E  E  E  E  E  E  E  E     E  E  E  E  E  E  E  E     E  E  E  Q    E  E  E   

(the last 2 chords). im currently playing with my index (e) middle (b) ring (g) and pinkie (d). for the second chord i play index on e and g, middle on b, ring on d and pinkie on a. the first (or on the tab, 3rd) chord changes to the 4th pretty fast and this way is pretty slow. is there a quicker way, or will i have to just keep practicing until i can chord the second chord quickly without having to look at the fretboard?
thats a barre chord. barre you index across all the frets and keep your other fingers where they are
dude, they're bar chords. you put your indx finger across the fourth fret and use the c chord formation for the first chord you have a problem with, and the e minor chord formation. for the c chord formation, I would use my middle finger for the b string, wedding finger for the d string, and pinky for the A. e minor, however you like to do it. hope this helps.
The way you worded that completely lost me. but play it

4 index
5 middle
6 ring


4 index
5 middle
4 index
6 ring

bar the e, b and g string with your index finger, you can bar it like that with the first one to make the chord change easier so you just move you ring and pinky finger up a string.
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Why is there a Q there?

Timing... E is eighth note, Q is quarter.
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