Ok... consider me new (extreamly so) to the idea of metal. I've listened to some metal bands for a few years now (Metallica, Pantera, Ozzy, Sabbath, Vai, Satch)... but in listening to the darker side of metal (Pantera currently)... well... usually, with music, the prettier the music, the "better" it is (so to speak)..... but with this style, you get the reverse, the grungier and "worse" the music gets, the better it sounds, the better it is received.

I'm just wondering about all this, and where this whole idea of creation out of destruction methos?

BTW: I am not trying to dis anything here, I, in fact, find myself entranced by this stuff heh.
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Its not always true, you have some bands like Agalloch, Wintersun, and Nevermore that use the more classical approach to beauty.

The great thing about metal is you have so many different approaches to it.
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besides, it's not that the bands just try and sound ugly. Yes, there's dissonance, but it's htere to create tension, or a particular atmosphere.

If you're referring to production, it's due to lower budgets in a lot of cases

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I always considered the best parts of the songs to be the quieter more melodic sections. Without that mix of straight up melody thrown in I don't think I could stand to listen to a lot of metal at once without getting bored.
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Nonono... you guys miss the point there. Lol.

I was refering to the darker side of the metal genre... with bands like Pantera, et cetera.

And, to address the other post, but with a bit of a different approach to what I just said:

I'm not talking about every metal band, in fact not every darker metal band. Just stuff like Pantera, mabey some Opeth, et cetera.

I find myself actually just trying to understand where this side of metal is coming from, foundationally, etc. I love the music, just don't understand it at all. (Hell, most the lyrics I find I can't understand cause of those great growly/yelling vocals)
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One of the most appealing things about metal is the fact that it is not afraid to bring up and discuss the darker side of life. There is alot of music out there about sex, drugs, beer, love and excitement (I'm not saying all non-metal is nothing but the latter), but not nearly so much about hate, anger, depression, and sadness.
Also, metal goes places with fast tempos, off beats, and odd time signatures that not many other genres do.
Pantera is not very "dark" relative to a lot of metal. If you wanted to listen to some "dark" metal, go to the Recommendation Thread and look under Black, Death, and Doom Metal.

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I've seen great acoustic parts leading up to very dark riffs, or vice versa. I like those acoustic bits as much as the riffs.
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OK. Thank you for the recommendation. I was just saying that, based on my experience so far. Pantera is pretty much the darkest, most disgustingly beautiful music I know of personally. I don't know if I could stomach going much further down this rabbit hole... being the ... acquired taste that it is. I also don't know about going any further down the scream-o trail of vocals as I call it (don't know what else to call it actually). But oh well, it's worth a glance at least once.
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The "ugly" side you refer to is called "Brutality" here in the world of metal (yes, you must capitalize it.. lol!) To understand it, you must understand agression, rage, and pain. I'm not really sure where I'm going with this, but congrats on coming over to the Dark Side!
Then there's this band called Slice The Cake...

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I'm not sure I understand what you mean by darkness or ugly side. At any rate, regardless of your wording, this could've been asked in the recommendation thread..I spose.
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