I recently bought an Air Norton to put in my Jackson, and I decided I wanted to take advantage of its coil splitting capabilities, the only thing is I'm not terribly sure how exactly to wire it up to a push pull pot. Were it a regular pot I wouldn't have a problem, the fact that it has 6 extra prongs on it kind of throws me for a loop. I'm also replacing the toggle switch, but I've already removed the old one, so figuring out where all my stray wires are going to is a little daunting. The Dimarzio site's diagram for connecting did not bring into play coil tapping, so I assume it is of little help, I found this site that maybe is how I should go about wiring it, http://alexplorer.net/guitar/mods/coiltap.html but I thought it odd that it didn't use any of the three main prongs on the pot.

Anyway, If anyone could give me a conclusive yes or no as to if that diagram is how I should wire it, or If anyone has a better picture that would be great, and I would be very grateful.
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I had looked there before, but I guess I didnt see the diagram that has a push pull on it,,,

thank you