Hey everyone. I'm new. My friend Damian told me about this site.
The Guitar Tabs here kinda confuse me though b/c the ones we learn at school were different. Could someone help me out please?
But I write songs/poetry.
And I just wanted to tell everyone hi.
Hi Krissy,
Welcome to UG.

I can't help much with tabs, but if you are more specific about what's different about the tabs you've been using, somebody else can probably help you.

There's an entire forum on UG just for lyrics and poetry -- Songwriting & Lyrics You'll want to visit there, but please read the rules in that forum. They are different from the general rules of UG.

And be sure to say hello on the S & L Community Thread

Have fun!
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Thank you. What I learned at school, is where i actually see the music bars and notes and everything and when i looked at the tabs on the website I couldn't read it, thats what I need explaining on.
Thanks for the help. =)