I was listening to the drone of the tv at my cousin's and I overheard that there is going to be an episode of Cold Case on tonight featuring the music of Nirvana. Not only is this kind of wierd, but it is strangley aluring. I don't know what channel that show is on but I might watch it, and if it sucks I'll cover my eyes and crank up the volume. Just thought this was kind of strange, and they're playing some of their really cool songs.

Why? I'm on vacation and don't have my iTunes, and if I ehar one more country song I'm going to rub barbeque sauce on my guitar.
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im not sure what time it is but my dad set a recording for it on tivo. its gonna be pretty cool, somewhere it said that they were playing if you must, which is a completely not mainstream Nirvana song which is cool
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There was an episode of Cold Case that had a murder that revolved around Rocky Horror, and RHPS songs were used as the soundtrack and Barry Bostwick played the killer.

Mabye they do that kinda thing alot.
It's next Sunday...sorry for the false alarm. But now you have time to set your bloody tivos.
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Some say a comet will fall from the sky...
Definately gonna skip it. I can safely say I pretty much love every kind of music except Nirvana... and the Sex Pistols... I don't know why.
ehh that seems kinda gimicky
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Cold case is a great show, and it always has a sountrack revolving around a specific genre/artist

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I don't like when shows use Nirvana as the soundtrack, the music never seems to fit.

There is a stupid show here in Australia, one of those renovation shows where they do up someones garden while they're on holiday, and they use Smells Like Teens Spirit at the beginning all the time, is seems so tacky because it doesn't fit at all and its just there cause its a well known song.