i wrote this the other night, first time writing aynthing on GP. I don't think its that bad, it has a Metalcore/Death Metal feel to it..
Those drums!!! Make them stop!!! Some of the riffs were pretty good, but the drums make it completely unlistenable.
Hey, I'm Mike.
Yea, I found that if I turned the volume for the drums off, I enjoyed the song much more. And also, I really liked some of the riffs, but they could flow a little better. Ya know? Other than that, nice job, dude.
Please, in the name of Heaven, Hell, and everything in between, change those drums. Other than that it wasn't that bad.
wtf was up with those drums, if anyone can play those kicks in that section ill let them rape my anus, it was just basically a snare roll teh whole song.
lol i guess you where going for a Zyklon kinda thing with those drums?
Trym Torson would have no problem with them, nor Frost i think.
Guitar Pro isn't that good for blast-beat drums, i know i've tried.
Although the rest of the track was pretty cool. i liked the slow bit at bars 39-40 i think you could extend that out maybe with some double bass, would be really heavy.