Hi all,

I've been playing acoustic guitar for around about 2 years and I'm really intrested in getting an electric guitar and getting into more of the technical sides of guitar playing, but I really don't know much about it.

But what I really want to know is, This guy from school had his laptop/notebook set up and had his amps and his guitar plugged in and all that jazz and he must have had a program on his laptop that had a basic beat he was playing along to.. And he was kinda soloing/tapping up along the fret with his right hand and it sounded sweet as! I just really want to know if anyone knows what he was doing/using.. was it like foot pedals or something? I really don't know much about electric guitars but I wanna know more!

So if you could help me out by giving me a few suggestions, It'd be greatly appreciated! Hope this made sence.. I'm such a n00b!
i have a stealth plug program that hooks you right in to your computer. from there he may have had a seperate program to run for the beats and stuff you were taking about like an amplitube program