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Has anyone here ever had any brushes with famous musicians?

E.G. A couple of years ago I met Daron Malakian (SOAD), and I met Ben Folds in a cafe once. He's a smart man.
No. Nobody famous comes out of my county.
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I've met all of Trivium and 36 Craztfists when I used to do promo work for Road Runner. Also a few people out of Bullet who I saw wandering around town looking for food
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I don't know how famous he is, (probably more known in some circles than others). But I could have met Duck Backer once, I was at a little show he was doing, and every so often there'd be a little intermision and you could go up and talk to the guy. I was getting bad vibes from him, he obvously noticed me...and probably thought the same thing about me, so I decided to keep to myself.
Ted Nugent (a couple of brief convos)
Derek St. Holmes (a few chats)
Suzie Quatro (one brief introduction)
Bob Seger (hello and handshake)
Mark Farner (hello and wave)
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I'm on the Megadeth Street Team. That being said, I had a beer with James Lomenzo while I was helping with the set (I volunteered because I figured Mustaine would be cool enough to come and thank us for it)

Uh...Jeff Waters said "Hey" to me one time.
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Gerard Way.
Roughton Reynolds.
This Providence.

I think that's it.. hmm, oh yeah.

Lostprophets, MC Lars and Bring me the Horizon.
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I got to have a few cigarettes with Jeff and Quinn from The Used. Oh and I talked with Thomas Erik of The Fall of Troy for awhile too! Um, my dad knows Every member of ZZ top personally, and as a result i've met them a few times too, but other than that, no one else.
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He's a miserable bastard in person is he not?

.. no. lol.

He was amazing, as were the rest of the band apparently, but I didn't meet them. When I spoke to him he was in Starbucks trying to buy coffee surrounded by about 3424 screaming girls. We walked back to the venue together and had an awesome chat.. he was absolutely lovely.

What makes you think he's a miserable bastard?
Third out in the MOD contest '08.
Met Steve Morse at a guitar clinic in Adelaide. Got him to sign a few things including a Deep Purple/Steve Morse pic he gave me!
I've never met him, but I always keep hearing that Billy Corgan was a jerk. At least back in the days of James and Darcy.
I touched Justin Hawkins' nipple at a concert...
I play bass

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I met Ramesh Srivastava, from Voxtrot a couple months back for work, we had lunch and all that it was great fun.
I WAS going to meet jack & meg, but then I got fired
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Stukart, you're the most awesome human being I have ever met. I love you
I met all of Wolfmother.
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That fat singer from Keane is in my local pub from time to time.

Posh twat.
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No. Nobody famous comes out of my county.

Roy Wood! You know,

"Well I wish it could be Christmas everyday.
When the kids start singing and the band begins to play.
Oh I wish it could be Christmas everyday.
Let the bells ring out for Christmas."

He made one of the best Christmas songs ever, and he lives in Shrewsbury. I've met him. Apparantly. I don't remember it, but I'm told I did. Anyway, the point is he's famous and comes from Shropshire.
Paul McCartney used to drink in one of my local pubs with the skanky Heather Mills & her dad from time to time.
Not anymore obv.

Chris Carraba.
John Frusciante.
Spoke to Vai for like 2 seconds before one of his gigs in London.
Hawthorn Heights.
All of Brand New.
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they all kinda went extinct after hendrix really.

Needless to say, I lol'ed.

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ive met paul gilbert
hes a nice as bloke
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Wow...I can't believe no one thought of that, I actually have lost 5% of my confidence for not thinking of that, I bow to you

I've met Dave McPherson and Simon Taylor from InMe (Essex based band)
I've met Eric Clapton briefly. He met my mate as part of the make a wish foundation thingy, and I entered the house as he was leaving... just my f*cking luck.

My parent's have met more, though. For example:

My mum was the friend of Francis Rossi's first wife and she went to the wedding, and they often stayed at the hotel she worked at.

My Dad was working at a top restaurant in Amsterdam, and none other than Frank Sinatra entered the kitchen to thank him for making such great food.
I've met albert hammond JR,It's crazy he's actually one of my idols.
Also A few from MCR at oxegen
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I met Ben Folds in a cafe once. He's a smart man.

I would love to meet Ben Folds in a cafe. Sighhhh.
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Stukart, you're the most awesome human being I have ever met. I love you
i've talked to jon davis from korn when i went to family values in '06, also got a high five from fieldy.
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No. Nobody famous comes into my county.

Fixed for the luls.

I had the opportunity to meet the Dropkick Murphys but missed it because I was looking for my brother and his friend... Who it turned out, had gone to meet the Murphys
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um, I met John and Flea (from RHCP) after a concert.

I also met Unwritten Law.

Whoo hoo!

Yngwie Malmsteen (awkward silence)
Frank Gamble (Talked to him for a while, but he's such a douche)

That's it.

EDIT: OH, and Gus G, talked with him for a while, nice guy.
When Marty Friedman was over here in Israel I caught him when he was outside, we talked for a bit. Great guy.
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When Marty Friedman was over here in Israel I caught him when he was outside, we talked for a bit. Great guy.

He's one of the only musicians I WISH I could meet, haha. You're lucky.
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I'll bite. My family has been friends with George Clintons fam since I was in elementary and we usually see each other over the holidays. I've also met the guys in Foghat, I think thats it.

Edit: Opps, I forgot that I met NONPOINT!!!!
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I've met a few people, mostly coming in and out of the local music shop, most notably Chris Poland from Megadeth on Peace Sells. My music teachers working on a major label deal too, so he might be famous in like a ear. There was a guy running for senate I think that was in a band in the '70s and appeared on the Colbert Report that came in too, but he was a really sucky player.
I bumped into Chris from Muse when I was in Japan once.
I was there on a arts and cultural school trip, and while me and a friend were walking around the city, I saw him, it was a huge coincidence, and I took a picture with him
He seemed in a hurry though, so there wasn't anytime to chat, or ask him questions.
After a Rockstar Supernova show (sue me) I hung around in the venue afterwards, tobys band opened and he came out and talked to a few people, i told him i played, he took me backstage and showed me how to play the acoustic version of Throw it Away that he did at the show! Real nice guy, but alot smaller than he looked on T.V
I met all of Dream Theater during a signing. Shook all their hands and made Jordan Rudess laugh, lol. It was an awesome ****ing concert.
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