Ok i decided to build a guitar a long time ago but i havent got around to it due to me being scared id **** it up.

I wanted a neck through for the sustain and also because the piece of wood that i got would be able to do a neck through.

So how would i go about making a neck through? Is there anything that i really should know or that i shouldnt do in a build like this?
Neck-thru is really not recommended for first builds...
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its pretty easy actually you just gotta plan it out. in a way i guess it would be easier to be a bolt on for your first build because it helps you learn everything you need to know basically. but you could easily do it.
Get and read the book "Make your own electric guitar" by Melvyn Hiscock. It's pretty much required reading for building a guitar.
neck thru is tottaly easier then bolt, you dont need to make a pocket and you dont need to drill holes and get the right size bolts or any thing , you just glue
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mmmmm no neck pocket isnt that hard. you can get bolts on stewmac. i use neck through though now. i like it a little better.
WEll i got it planed at school and now its as level as as anything. I just need to know how to build the neck really and also what wood would you recommend for the wings?

I got mahogany but i dont think i got enough for the wings
If u have the plans drawn out already, extend the neck wood out to the ver bottom of the body u have drawn. U can take the width at the bottom of the neck and make it the width for the part that goes thru the body. But make sure its wide enuff to route the pickups and bridge thru. If u have a maple neck, then id get some mahogany to balance out the brightness of the neck.
Thats another thing. Where could i get plans on a 1:1 scale? Preferably free. I got a mahogany neck. Well its what i think is mahogany. My W850 has blown up so i cant take pictures. I got some of my equipment as well. Schaller FR, Schaller Tuners, ebony fretboard 25" scale, truss rod, fret wire. My dads got a little workshop i could use.

Ive been using an Aria Strat copy thats been allrite. ive learnt how to maintain a guitar with it and to play to an allrite standard.

So basically what wood for the wings?
I think the MIMF (www.mimf.com) has full scale drawings of at least a few guitars in their library- sign up, scroll to the bottom, click on library of archived drawings, and you'll see instrument plans.
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Thanks this is good. So could i just print this out and stick it on the piece of wood and cut it out?