I got my guitar about 3 years ago,played it for about a year... and was not that good at it. soon i gave up,got bored/busy and stopped playing altogether.

I've always felt guitly about not playing anymore.
well recently my friend wanted to borrow my guitar so i lent it to him, now about 2 weeks later i actually want to play it but.... i have to wait for two months... ANYWAY

What should i do this time round to stop myself from getting lazy and quit playing again.
Find things that challenge you enough 2 want 2 keep playing. Sitting around strumming "Row Your Boat" would put anyone off in no time. Don't go above your head either and try things that takes years 2 master like Gilbert or Petrucci....that makes it worse.
If you can, find a jamming partner or someone who will show you things. It's always more fun.
The key thing 2 remember is you have to really WANT to play and have a reason for playing. The other thing 2 remember is it's not an overnight thing...you have 2 apply yourself and work hard 2 get results.
Hope you find your "fire."
Just have fun.

May I ask, why did you feel "Guilty" as you put it?
"If you're going to try, go all the way. Otherwise don't even start..."
Charles Bukowski
cos i mean i have a "nice" guitar, and i have friends who are dying to play and dont have guitars.... also my father always asks me to play for him... lol