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25 56%
20 44%
Voters: 45.
Quote by Deliriumbassist
I played gynaecologist with my babysitter.

lol true or not i salute you
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lol when i was around 3-4 me with 3 other kids show our equipment to a girls a she show her genitals to us haha
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Quote by Deliriumbassist
I played gynaecologist with my babysitter.

I played colon-hydrotherapist with my vicar
Quote by Deliriumbassist
I played gynaecologist with my babysitter.

I congratulate you on being one of the few people in the pit that can correctly spell gynaecologist
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Quote by Yakult

I played colon-hydrotherapist with my vicar

what a cliche.... lol i think everybodys been to the church for some LUVVIN!!!
Quote by Lord_Of_Dance.

I never understood why a girl would take a boner as a bad thing "Oh no, your attracted to me, you sick wanker." :\ x

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Im saying this the straightest way possible, but...

I'd have sexual intercourse with your anus.
To Kankuro

Lol. It was a differnt version of doctor really. Ya kno like insted of "oh i'm the doctor. Now let me see your pee-pee." It was sort of like "I'm daddy, you can be mummy...and you can be the baby after you've been made." Yeah like that lol
When my friend broke his leg, and we went to the hospital, they put him on a wheelchair, so I was riding him around, lolz.
^ Oh, I thought it referring to the show "House", you know, he's a doctor.
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I never played doctor as a kid, at least I don't remember playing it as a kid. Though I used to play tag all the time.
Quote by Griff_Kid
I played house...do i fail? I think i do.

(^lame Borat impersonation!)
I never did. I knew where want went into where when i was 6... Damn parents...
Yes, I don't think my best friend remembers though...
You're not brutal.

(click the smiley!)

I played it a couple times with my younger next door neighbor when I was probably 9 or 10. I wonder if she remembers.