Hey all! i'm a bassist playin' in a mad kick arse band! only thing is my amps s***house! anyways i've struggled through a few gigs by borrowing friends amps! another issue is i'm a bit short on cash @ the momment & i'm looking for a cheap amp, we play mostly punk & garage rock with a bit of metal & a few classics throwen in. I allready have a few ideas but any other ideas would be apperciated! BTW i'm lookin for somthing between 100-200 Watts cause it's gotta keep-up with a 100watt Marshall halfstack
Oh by the way my budgets around $500-$600 australian (i think a euro is about 3times more than our $)
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why wait for the question when you could've included in your, to be quite frank, mess of a first post?

Yeah! hey wait a minute arn't you the dude that just told me to move this thread here? what you stalkin' me or sumthing? lol
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No. If you look at my username, it turns out I'm... a bassist? And this is the bass forum?

Yeah, & you didn't notice it was the same thread you were just in, in the pits?
Any ideas or do you just enjoy mocking me?!
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I'm not mocking. Merely suggesting that with these kind of threads, it's best to put as much information as possible in your first post, and post it in the right place.

Try a GK Backline series or Ashdown MAGs

See now, that wasn't that hard was it?
thanx i guess
If you're competing with a 100W half-stack, you'll need a 350W-450W amp.
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Look man. You people are really extremly lazy. Please, go to a shop try a few amps, and buy the one that sounds best. And don't buy anything weaker than 300W.
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