would yuo know any good distortion pedals fit for metal music
im going to buy one soon just wanting advice on which one to get
The best advice is take your guitar and amp to the store(s) and try whatever they have. Your ears are your best guide...they'll tell what's good and what's not. When you play one thru your gear you'll know exactly how it'll sound. That way the store owner doesn't trick you into using the best guitar and amp in the place then you get it home and say "Man this sounds like crap now!!" Happened to me too many times........
I would take the advice said by fretboarddragon but I just got the digitech metal master and I loved it!

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    That's the best plan I can think of too. Try stuff out on your rig. I always do. People look at me funny when I walk into a pawn shop with an amp and don't intend to pawn it, but I know the guitar or effect will sound good through my rig before I let my hard earned money go...

    If they have an amp I'm familiar with, like a Twin Reverb or similar, any Fender actually, I'll use theirs, but if I don't see an amp I know what to expect from, I'll bring my own.
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    Some places have really given me fits about using my own gear. They know I'm savvy and it's gonna be harder to make a sale. They're like car salesmen...they know suckers from pros. I spent two hours once trying out amps and the dude started getting irritated. After awhile I told him he must not really need my money and I walked out.
    It's rare to find good sales people. The guy I bought my Ibanez from took the time to lower the action to where I liked it to make sure it was what I wanted. He's the only one I go to now.
    I use Boss Metal Zone mt-2. I like the tone so you might try it out.
    Let's go back to five billion bpm and see how good i am.
    Try some rectified pedals. The Rocktron Zombie is pretty much Rocktron's only good pedal, but be careful. It may be metal, but if you beat it up it will break (like mine did). Yeah, just see how you like some certain rectified pedals.
    I preffer stacked od's my self
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