well, i've been playing bass (and some guitar) for a while now...
and while playing i've been browsing this site and its forums, but i can't find what i'm looking for, so:
what's gauges? i know it's something string related, but what?
thanks for answering
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gauge is how big the strings are, heavier the gauge, bigger the strings.

EDIT: Standard Gauge for guitars like strats are .9 - .42s
Gibsons and Epiphones are .10 -.46s.

of course you can choose your own. its all about preference really
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it doesnt only apply to guitar strings, it also applies to wires or cables of any kind. like the guy said above its just the thickness
"Gauge" refers to the thickness of the string. When people say they use 9 gauge strings that's the thickness of the high E string: .09. Most brands of strings that have a .009 high E string generally have the same thickness of the other strings.
1rst: .009
2nd: .011
3rd: .016
4th: .024
5th: .032
6th: .042
There are some variations, tho.
ok, thanks... now i know
but what are the gauges measured in? is a .042 0,42 millimetres? centimetres? inch?
i'm quite a nerd, i prefer fixed measures...
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