E, ,Dsus ,A , Asus
022100, xx0230, x02220, x02230

iam not gud with chord names so ive wrote what to hold
thats the verse

chorus - E, D repeat 3 times then A, Asus
My internets way to slow to let me watch videos so ill just take a guess that you wont to get the tabs for the ELECTRIC version of this song?

Well thats easy

the intro/Chorus is just : E major (0221XX) ,D5 (X0023X) and A5 (X022XX)

the solo (which is the part the accordian plays in the unlpugged) is:


now i wrote this in like 2 minutes so i think this should get you started off..theyre like a couple of bends in the solo but you should know where to add them
saad_nirvana its the live version thats on the DVD in that 4 box set that came out a couple of years ago...
A, Asus, A

just thought id add that so uv got it right, it goes A then a quick hit with the Asus then back to A