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EHX Small Stone
5 56%
MXR Phase 90
4 44%
Voters: 9.
Okay that title is made of 100% phail

But basically i'm very confused as to what phaser to buy and it's a question i've asked before

Should i get an EHX Small Stone
Or an MXR Phase 90

Lots of artists i like use the MXR P-90 [generally metal artists, EVH, Gilbert, Petrucci etc]
But i've also been told that the EHX is superior for distortion

So yes, input please, but make sure it's infopacked?

Only way is to try them both out and see which one you like.

Also, if you want versatility, look into the Boss Phase Shifter PH-3.
For me, I can set it to do like, everything, from Wah, Phases, Flanges, weird reverb sounds, weird alien sounds, its pretty cool. But if you just want a solid straight out phase sound, go with either the Phase 90 or Small Stone.
well basically...you got the MXR 90 which looks very classy and sounds very good especially for funk and stuff. Then you got the EHX which doesn't look that cool but has a colour switch and is made in the USA whcih (in theory) means good quality. I'm not sure where the MXR is made but yeah...the owner of an EHX says get the EHX