hey, my band is having a very important gig next month, and if we get the crowd going enough we´ll be able to play at a big local festival. so, any ideas for cool things to do onstage? we play alternative progressive rock and have a female singer (who might play bass if we dont find a new one)
any ideas from lights, to gifts to alien costumes are welcome!

(our myspace is in my sig, to get an idea of who we are :P)
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Pyrotechnics work wonders, Cory. Just attach a flame-thrower behind your guitar with the barrel going up the neck of your guitar so with a squeese of the trigger you can shoot out flames from the head of your guitar....YEEEEAH!
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shes only 14

Who cares.

Anyway, look up some kickass guitar tricks (try some old Steve Vai videos for inspiration) and simply play your ass off.
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Guitars behind your head, solos between your legs, jumping arounds stage, pulling pranks of band members and the crowd, joking and giving the audience A GOOD TIME
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Get some tube lighting and wrap it round the drum kit/amps.

thats actually a great idea, thanks!
Try some simple stuff.
Play a song that everybody knows and try to cheer the crowd by letting them sing.
"The Who!!!! I love bands"
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meh, were playing in germany... people dont sing here :/

Unless it's Rammstein...
just work out a stage show...
if youv got two guitarists then you can mess around with positioning and stuff...
watch live videos of other bands on you tube n shiz to give you inspiration... also look fof some awesome guitar tricks... it doesnt have to be hard to do it can be simple just make it look amazing...
for instance the bassit in my band has masterd the art of popping and slapping but on the last note he slides his right hand up the neck and taps the last note... its not hard but looks stunning especially on stage xD
i know its rather gay but your gonna have to pose a lot as well... you may feel like a twat but if you can convince the crowd your a god theyll be behind you all the way...
make sure you dont have to many tricks going off at the same time, work out whos going to do what when... lightening also very important...
lol just over all make sure your having fun, if the crowd see you enjoying yourselves theyll follow suit...
You sound like the rasmus!

Edit - Your singer is hot. Tap that ****.

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DAMMIT! How in the world do we sound like the Rasmus??

oh well. thanks everyone so far, gonna be gone for a while, i´ll check back later
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cant see the rasmus bit but ditto on the singer

Not that in the shadows song or whatever, but theres a live show and they sounded just like that! I'll edit once i find it.
Honestly if you look like you are trying to hard to "stand out" then you'll look fake...in all honesty just go up and HAVE FUN! If you have fun the audience will have fun...be animated (moved around alot), acknowledge people in the crowd, interact with your bandmates but DO NOT STAND STILL LOOKING AT THE NECKS OF YOUR GUITARS while playing...if you go into it pumped and not caring what people will think and do what I suggested you will get attention....of course the tunes have to rock somewhat
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Go all Lordi and have sparkes/flames shoot out of your guitar/bass during the show.
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