Hey guys i was wondering if anyone could possibly help me,

i have been offered i a six string and am quite tempted, the only thing is i am unsure of the best ways to utilise the additional two strings that my standard four has....can anyone give me some direction on where i should look/or give me tips on how to make best use of the additional strings

play uber bass?

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you could play octaves and higher notes...

or you could play the higher notes on the scales...
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well, you can lock your hand in one position better, and the low B can add extra depth to a song (play 5ths below the chord), and the high C can help with soloing and harmonising.

Very similar to what I was gonna say. Like for example, if a guitarist plays an inverted power chord where the 5th is on teh bottom, you can use the low B to play the root of that chord below the 5th-root-5th that the guitarist is playing.
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