I can't seem to find many decent online shops over in the UK so I thought I would add a thread with the ones I know with the thinking that others could also add to it and build up a list :-)

Guitar village have a EDIT: Rather expensive internet site [£7 delivery?!] but they have the prettiest pictures of their stock and v helpful staff if you ring up/email them

And i like like 10 mins up the road from them, and the shop is effing off the hook
its amazing

Check out "sounds great music" they have a good site for gear such as effects
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Also, it may be German based but it's great for UK buyers too, not least because it has free delivery on orders over about £125 - http://www.thomann.de.

Thomann is great and works out cheaper than pretty much most of the UK's websites prices,

Although I did find the DMM was cheaper on GAK rather than Thomann, but most times its Thomann FTW
Be wary of Dolphin music. They have some frankly amazing prices on certain lines but they hardly ever keep the stock and have to order a lot of it in. Defiantly phone to make orders there.

http://machinehead.co.uk/ (free setups!)
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Just bought my Fender Blues Junior From them, Reasonable postage charges & Reasonable Prices.
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Not really for buying guitars but if you ever want any bits for your guitars or amps


They're awesome.
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ive ordered a few things off www.imuso.co.uk before and they have been pretty good

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