I am 15 and I have been doing a series of solo recordings and gigs that have become reasonably popular but I have encountered a problem.
I have an voice that, on recording, sounds like 9 year old and it's really getting me down. I get depressed as both lyrically and musically, my music is mature but my voice sounds child-like. IT's getting to the point where I'm resenting the music I'm singing.
To combat this, for recordings, I've been singing through my throat in a rasping voice that makes me sound more mature, but doesn't fit my style of music.
In addition to my acoustic solo project, I also sing in a soul band. The rasping is effecting my singing voice which I have been told by proffesionals is very good - especially as I have had no singing lessons.
Please do not tell me to wait as I really want to record songs. It's getting to the point where I'm not enjoying music the way I used to.
Any SENSIBLE help? Please?
Just increase the bass in mic or play with any other settings.

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