Hey guys hows ya all doing?
I've just started re stringing my baby and thought would be a good chance to clean it. Only i cant figure out how to clean the machine heads and the outside of the pickups, (the metal bits which r exactly the same as machine heads). What can I use?
I've only been playing for a year and I've only recently got a guitar thats worth praise so i'd appreciate any response.

Cheers guys
well u can buy many cleaning products for those areas i just get a nice soft cloth and just rub away the dust and small imperfections
the prob is it isnt just dust. Grease would be the correct term. I actually think its sweat. Yeh im an idiot, but I get carried away at times. Not buckets of it. Just enough to show marks which are hard to remove.

So my 2 options are elbow grease or buying special product?