Since everyone here knows a lot more about this than me, I'd like to know what your opinion on a lesson on this site ((Or others.)) that could teach me pretty much everything.

Teaching me Chords, how to play my first songs, good positoning, and it must be using tabs and not sheet music.

There must be tons of them that do that, so I need your help and choosing which one.
jamplay.com is pretty cool.

it goes through these 3 teaching phases:
1. Beginners - Pretty self explanitory, teaches chords, scales, strumming and picking techniques, that sort of thing.

2. Genre teaching - this phase goes through different genres: Classic rock, bluegrass, rock, fingerstyle, and jazz. This teaches you more advanced techniques, such as bending, sweep picking, and tapping.

3. Learning songs - Loads of different songs broken down simply into their sections.

It's about $10 a month.
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I need something free of charge for now.
Though I will use that in the future.
I found this site to be pretty helpful,
theres other sections too where you can find links to videos teaching you some simple songs. Also, just in general go to youtube and search for beginner guitar lessons (or something more specific like blues guitar lessons, how to play a specific song, etc) and you'll find a lot of stuff, some good, some not so good, but you should be able to find whatever youre looking for.