Hey guys!

I have two things that I'm letting go from my rig:

Boss DD-3....used, has some scratches on it, but is in perfect working order....$70 shipped and paypalled.....$65 shipped if you pay with money order.

Weber Beam Blocker: 4" Dome for 12" speaker:
IMO, this should come stock on ALL speaker cabs....by far the cheapest and best improvement to my tone...it does all it advertises...spreads the high frequencies and completely eliminates ice-pick from speakers. I had 4 in my Mesa 4x12, but took one out so I can use that speaker for recording/micing....the only down side of the beam blocker is that it takes away from the miced tone IMO....that's why I took one out. I would recommend this to someone with a 2x12 cab: cover one speaker, and leave one for micing...it will give to a much nicer and balanced tone! (or ofcourse a cheaper start for someone witha 4x12 cab).
$18 shipped and paypalled.

PM me with any interest! Thanks!
very, very intrested in the DD3, can you either show or send me some pics please?
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