I have been playing electric guitar for about 7 months now and learnt a fair bit but i feel like ive hit a barrier and can't advance any further. If anyone could reccommend me some songs to learn that would be great. Music wise I'm into any type of metal e.g pantera, metallica, arch enemy, trivium etc.
thanks in advance
Just try to learn your favourite songs. Start out with the easier parts, like the main riffs and rhythm parts. Practice it slowly to get it right. Don't try to take in to much at once; when you're trying to learn more difficult parts, focus on only a couple of bars at a time, and nail each part before moving on to the next.
fade to black is a good one, cemetary gates, they arent easy for a first year player though. make sure to practice scales!!! will make playing easier later and also work to make sure you incorporate your pinky. any kind of finger strengthening is always good as well. i've been playing for ten years and certain songs still strain the hell out of my fingers
i think at this point you should start digging into the theory behind guitar and the songs youre playing...scales/chords/arps/improv/etc
Main riff of Cemetery Gates by Pantera (the one with the pinch-harmonics)
Seek and Destroy by Metallica

Learn some theory too,scales, chords and stuff
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Falling To Grey by Trivium, a good challenge, fun to play, & a great song.
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Trivium should be challenging for you. Try like light to flies, it's really fun to play once you get the hang of it.

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