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How exactly do you perform a pull off ? For instance


How would I do this?
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that might be a tap...use your middle finger on the right hand for the 12 and then i would use middle to pointer finger on the left.
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Yeah thats a tap unless whoever played it has sensationally flexible hands.
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That's pretty hard (if it isn't a tap). I can't do it. I'd say do a slide from 8 to 7 instead and put your ring or little finger on the 12th fret (and your forefinger on the 8th fret) and well... pull your ring/littlefinger off the 12th fret. Pull it downwards, kinda, like when you hit a note with your pick. The only diffrence is that you do it with your ring/little finger. This is the best I can explain over the internet. Like the guy above me said, though. This is probably a tap.

Also, this is the wrong forum, haha.
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^ yeah. it's entirely possible to play this without tapping
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It's not that much of a stretch...pinky on 12, middle on 8, index on 7 and pull off one by one. Practice the intro to the solo guitar version of Bohemian Rhapsody and you'll be able to stretch that far in no time.