Does anyone have this phone? Is it any good?

I could get this phone or another one but im not sure....
Avoid new Nokias.

Seriously, I have a "good" one, still, but it crashes often.

Old 3410... phoning at it's finest. All it needed was a colour screen and maybe a good camera, and BAM! Awesome.
no.. i used to have a nokia.. but i hate it.. i have a SE now
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Dont get it if it has symbian on it, that tends to slow down phones.

EDIT: don't worry jackolas they can just go back to making tyres and wellies....
Hmmm thats the thing about nokias, their apparently not very good.

AND YEA good old ones like 3410's were great!

I dont know, shall look at others. .. thanks
Sony Ericsson > Nokia
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Sony Ericsson K800i = best phone ever.

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