Hey guys, I'm working on upgrading my rig, as you may have seen from my numerous other posts. Along with my new guitar and amp I would like to look into a few pedals. I am not set on the guitar at this point, but I am leaning towards a Epiphone valve jr. half stack. As far as the guitar is concerned I'll be looking into a Fender standard telecaster, but that isn't set in stone, I'll have to see what I can find on ebay.

I play mostly classic rock, some blues, a lot of alt rock, and a tiny bit of funk. I am trying to keep my rig under 7-800 dollars.

The pedals I will almost certainly need is as follows in this order.

1. Overdrive
2. Distortion
3. Compression

Any suggestions?

Edit: almost forgot! with the valve jr. since it only has a volume knob, would I be better off getting an EQ pedal or something before those others?