Hello, I bought an Ibanez S470 today, a beauty of a guitar, but I find it goes out of tune very quickly after playing despite the locking nuts being in place. Is there anything I need to do to the ZR trem since I got it? Sorry if this is a nooby question, this is my first locking trem guitar!

Ah, mine did that AT FIRST. Stretching the strings would help a little bit, but after a while they will stretch themselves anyway and stay in tune pretty much forever Congrats on your new guitar mate.
Yeah stretch in the strings, defiantly your problem. After you stretch them in, it'll probably never go out of tune again until you change the strings.
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Ah your right, just spend some time stretching the strings, retuning, stretching, retuning etc, and now it's holding up pretty nicely. Thanks guys! It's a dream to play, such an improvement over my Squier Strat!
Sweet Glad to hear you're all set, it's a beautiful guitar. That ZR bridge is great fun, and will stay in tune pretty much forever. Enjoy bud
I know how you feel, when I got my Dean after using a Squire Strat for ages, it was heaven
Dean From Hell
Jackson USA King V
Randall RG-50 TC All Tube Combo
I started on my Yamaha Pacifica 012, which is kinda like a Squire Strat in some respects. Now I just keep it in Drop D but I rarely pick it up, the Ibanez just screams for attention! It's easy to see where your money goes isn't it?