Sup lads. I need something clariffied about alt. picking. Say you're playing some kind of a chromatic exercise that goes 1-2-3 on 6th string, and the same pattern for the rest of the strings. If I'm starting by picking with a down up down pattern, does that mean the next string will have to up down up, is this a strict rule for alternate picking and do I also do this when string skipping, say from 6th string to the 4th? I've been playing for a month or so and I've been using alternate picking, but I don't pay attention to it when changing strings. I've tried doing this, but I have to play slowly and really concentrate, so does it become natural over time to do this when changing strings?
pick like this v= down ^=up

   v ^ v
         ^ v ^
               v ^ v

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Right thanks. Does this eventually come to you naturally without needing to pay attention to string changes?
It feels awkward at first but once it becomes second nature, you'll never notice it. Once that happens, try the reverse...start the exercise with an upstroke. Sometimes starting a run that way makes the whole thing easier by the middle or end. Sometimes two downstrokes or upstrokes helps things. Experiment. Have fun.