My band is www.myspace.com/holeinawall

we just formed not too long ago, anyhow we have been writing songs, mostly and practicing, havent really gotten any super good quality recordings yet. But we are playing in a Cancer Sucks Benifit this sat, its our first public appearance. and we are playing with some pretty talented, and well known, at least locally, bands. Im super excited, and i hope anyone in the Tulsa area on this site, will come out and partake, the details are on the blog on our myspace, Its for a GREAT cause.
Swollen fingers of the Bass Militia, PM Dinkydaisy to join

AXE:Epiphone Thunderbird IV, Peavey Fury II, Jackson CB20
AMP:Peavey Pro 500
CAB:Ampeg BXT-410HL4