So, my friend got a soda(pop,squash, and so on)maker yesterday. The thing is you need to make your own flavors. There is absolutly no limit to the possibilities. But, with the excitment in the air...we both are having a serious mind strain and can't figure out what would be a good combo. Mind you, there are some restrictions.

It has to be able somehow, to be liquidized, powdered, or syruped.

It cannot be a solid food item that has issues with the above.

Some things are better left unsaid if you know what i mean(fap flavor, minstral blood flavor...and so on)

So please leave those things out

Get some of those pure mint syrup bottles (like the vanilla flavoring ones), they're 80% alcohol. enough said.
cheers betch
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Make apple pie flavoured milk!
anchovies and cheese and tomatoes
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Make a pineapple/vodka/light-tasting energy drink combo.
I imagine that would work pretty well.
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rofl at "minstral blood"

i would recommend mint, cilantro, lime (or any other citrus), and a touch of balsamic if possible.

or just mint and lime lol

oooooooh or howzabout some cherry, cinnamon, and vanilla bean

holy **** i sound like a pregnant chick...