I've been putting my thumb so it kind of just peeks over the low E string when I play. This is comfortable for me. I was just curious if if this would affect my playing adversely.
it could do say if you want to do a descending run onto the e string.

if you can reach that far (without stretching or straining) with it over the neck then it shouldn't really be a problem.
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Just do whatever is comfortable for whatever you're playing.
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Yes, that might affect you're playing later on if you run into solos or chords, but if you feel absolutely fine, and feel no restriction you should be good. Anyway the reason for this is the limited space between your hand and the bottom of the neck. Try to keep your thumb in the middle of the neck so there is a decent gap between the palm/fingers and the neck of the guitar. This will give you much more speed and accuracy.
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shouldnt hurt anything, may actually even help
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Technically, yes, you are holding the neck wrong. Proper technique is to put your thumb right in the middle of the back of the neck. I don't quite buy this though, because if you have big hands, then that makes it kind of awkward to get to the high strings without contorting your hand.

Personally I totally broom-handle the neck when I play open chords, but when I play barre chords or lead my thumb moves to the back of the neck and sort of moves up and down to accommodate the string I'm playing on.

Do whatever's comfortable for you, but if you're having trouble with something, correct your posture and try again, you'd be suprised how much it helps with things you're not familiar with.
it doesnt matter. i usually put my thumb over too and actually i use it to fret notes on the low E like hendrx did. i dont think it really slows you down at all. its all a matter of what is comfortable. if you watch a lot of players and even shredders, they actually do have their thumb over or peaking a lot. obviously some positions and techniques call for a different thumb placement but as long as you are not bound to only one way, i dont see a problem. i dont do stretches a lot or sweeping so i dont usually need to put my thumb behind the neck. if i need to though then i will.