My band is looking for a drummer and vocalist. We're located around Aberdeen, South Dakota. As of now we have lead and rhythm guitarits, and a bassist. We're very easy to get along with as long as you're not a dumbass, someone has already covered that position.

We have a very talented member that can write music like you would not believe. I believe that if we really worked at it(as with any other band) we could hopefuly go a long way. As of now we're just testing our capabilites out and playing things like:

-Papa Roach
-Theory of a Deadman
-Three Days Grace
-System of a Down

So if you think you might be looking for a band, you know what to do.
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hey, i live right outside of north sioux just past mccook lake in wynstone. i play guitar, and i know you aren't looking for one, but we should jam for ****s and giggles sometime.