Singing a bit lighter can help your singing intonation, but the singing isn't bad by any means, its actually pretty good.

The intro with the MIDI orchestra is well arranged but I wish they sounded more realistic.

I like the lyrics a lot.

The talked parts during the chorus sound pretty stupid though.

The mix feels pretty empty at some points to, I think there's a lot of opportunity to add more parts to the arrangement.

But overall, I enjoyed the song a lot man!

Crit mine?

^^^YEah the violin at the beginning actually isn't MIDI, but I recorded it off of my old keyboard that barely works so that's why it sounds so crappy. I do believe I could add more, I just don't know what to add. But thanks for the feedback. I'll be sure to feed yours aswell.

Edit: I clicked on the link to check out your song but the link is not valid.
The beginning of the song i instantly thought it sounded like eleanor rigby by the beatles which was pretty cool, but might sound a little better if that intro was shorter

later in the song when the second voice comes in (im guessing this is the chorus) it kinda sounded like a linkin park song

the solo was pretty cool

i really liked this song. keep up the good work

crit mine?