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Who do you think is the best?

I think Slayer because they've consistently released amazing albums, where the others have had pretty patchy careers. I also find them cleverer and "heavier" and more evil than the others. I think they rank this way:

2-Megadeth (apart from a patchy mid career their **** is immense!)
3-Anthrax (Great for partying)
4-Metallica (Say it quietly now...I've never really liked Metallica. They have a few good songs, but most seem promising until they climax in a big, stupid chorus. I don't even really think they're THAT skilled.)

Or do you even think it should be a Big 5? Do you think Testament etc should be there/replacing one of the bands there?

But that's just my opinion...

So what do YOU think?
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Dude. That's the official big four of thrash. When talking about the "big 4" that's who they beleive in.
its definatly
1. megadeth, theyve always released good albums imo, except for risk but w.e that doesnt count
2. anthrax, they ****ing metal and i just love them
3. slayer, theyve been releasing albums consistently, but none really match the intensity of reign in blood or the albums before it, though christ illusions was badass imo
4. metallica, everything before the black album was sweet, but since they dont play thrash anymore, theyre automatically 4th
Megadeth, they've always had the most talent in my opinion
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Testament are wrongly overlooked as a thrash band imo. They're my favorite of all the thrash band's. The New Order album is ****ing badassed!

Megadeth are pretty overated, i only really enjoyed rust in peace and some of their early stuff.
I thought Pantera was a thrash band...but out of that list Metallica and Megadeth are tied for my liking. Metallica was much better than Megadeth 15 years ago, but Megadeth is just getting better and better with every album.
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Sodom > All

But out of them i prefer Megadeth

That's an overstatement.

As for Testament, they arrived way later in the scene and are not part of the big 4. If anyone should be 5th it would be Exodus for having released a monumental release in 85.

As for the rankings, they do not bring any useful info.
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I think Slayer because they've consistently released amazing albums, where the others have had pretty patchy careers. I also find them cleverer and "heavier" and more evil than the others. I think they rank this way:

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1. Megadeth
2. Slayer
4. Metallica/Anthrax

I've never liked metallica and anthrax, dont know why. I would rather put Kreator before both of those bands.
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Just like...they've always seemed more interesting, like they were bringing something new to every album...I sometimes found the others (especially anthrax and metallica) a tad formulaic, mainly on later albums. And I mean you could argue Slayer are always shouted anti-christ songs, but I've just found them more interesting and...uh...well yeah.
This is a very overdone topic, because there is so much good thrash outside the Big 4.

But I'd go with Megadeth, followed by Slayer
Out of those four, I picked Metallica, simply because I like more Metallica albums then albums from the other bands.

I like...
Metallica: KEA through AJFA
Megadeth: Rust in Peace is the only one I think is really great.
Slayer: Haunting the Chapel is my fav, and thats not even an full-length.
Anthrax: Spreading the Disease and Among the Living are class.
In terms of talent and potential:

1. Metallica
2. Megadeth
3. Anthrax
4. Slayer

In terms of actual consistency in their musical careers:

1. Megadeth
2. Slayer
3. Anthrax
4. Metallica

In terms of how much I actually like them:

1. Metallica
2. Anthrax
3. Slayer
4. Megadeth