I've been practicing guitar for 27 days, for 74 hours. (Yes, I'm logging all of my practice sessions to look back on when i go pro. though, I came down with the flu about a week ago, and I could barely practice without having to vomit every 20 seconds. So I've got about a maximum of 5-6 hours in the past week, but today I felt much better and racked up 6 hours.

To the point, I'm not really sure what I'm doing at all still, I just practice and learn things. <_< I recently learned about these barre chord things, tried to play them a few moments ago, looks like I have a rough task on my hands.

So far I got cdefgab major and natural minor chords memorized , d minor, g major, and f major still need some work. I know i learnt them in a bad order, but oh well...

i also learned how to play metallica intro riff, and sweet child o mines, stairway to heaven (still working on this one, I don't understand the tab. )

here is a recording of me playing sweet child oh mine that was taken on day 21. I'm not much better now due to lack of practice, I only recorded sweet child o mines because my amplifier broke some time ago and it was such a pain in the ass to record it so I gave up after that. -_-

heres the link to the recording. http://download.yousendit.com/1F37AF8509AFDE45

I've learned the major scale, in the key of F G and C, I was told I don't need to learn it that way though, if this is true please tell me! >_>

and thats pretty much all I've learend. I feel like i'm making slow progress. >_>

I don't know what to do i'm lost help me out! xD
Eh, it sounds like you are further than me in theory lol. I've been playing 4 years-ish, and I just keep learning different songs. Its probably a good idea just to get used to playing around on the guitar before you dive into the theory.
If you're looking for help in theory, sorry I cant help you lol.

You're out of tune on the recording, but other that that I'd say you're getting on pretty well. It's good that you're practicing systematically so early on. Make sure you learn some things that incorporate the scales, though, rather than just memorising scales.