If you need a guitarist for your band, and you live in Toms River, just post here. ive been playing for like 7 months but im pretty good. i can play the trooper, aces high, and flight of icarus from iron maiden, Fade to black from metallica and Electric eye from Judas Priest. o yea and im 15 :P
blow up NJ and give pennsylvania a beach! 610 philly area code rules you all!

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hell no


and wtf this thread if for em trying to get in a band not blowing up nj lol.
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nj ftw. 609 beats all area codes.

609 reporting in!

wat the hell? im trying to join a band and all u care about is 609 and 732 and 610 and 215 lol well 215 was me but ..
hell yeah 609!!!
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