When I buy myself an upgrade to my 20w Drive amp, I plan on getting one of these two. I believe 100w would be enough to practice with and for small gigs. I know some of you will say otherwise but 100w plus a possible PA system is plenty.

Anyways, I heard a lot of great things about Ampeg but looking at the specs on both of these basses, it seems like the Fender has more to offer. Take a look for yourself.



Which would you choose?
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I have the Rumble 100 and I like it. It's not for everyone though. It'll give you more then enough low end but it's slightly lacking on the highs.
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I have the BA115. It's a great amp pretty much all-around, and the only problem I have is a hiss when I crank the treble too high. I got it over the Fender.
Ampeg without a doubt, I love the crisp tone of the ampeg, I love my BA210, although it's a bit heavy so I'm trying to sell it for a BA115

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Ampeg without a doubt, I love the crisp tone of the ampeg, I love my BA210, although it's a bit heavy so I'm trying to sell it for a BA115

Ampeg? Crisp? I think that's the first time I've ever heard that in a sentence.

Ampegs have to be the boomiest (is that a word? Not muddy, but still lots of low end sustain.) amps I have ever played. They're very solid amps, with a great generic, low-end out your bowels sound, but there isn't much clairity. If that's what your looking for.
Spec wise both are pretty similar. I guess just try each out if you can make your decision based from that.
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I played both and just fell in love with the Ampeg sound. Round and boomy. While I ended up getting a used B3 Ampeg, I would have bought the Ampeg over the Fender new.
ampeg makes the sweetest combo!!!! unless you can afford a Phil Jones Briefcase........
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Ampeg amps sound a lot better than fender amps.
Even the hella old ampegs i've played on.
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go with the ampeg
the fender may look like it has more, but the site just lists cosmetic features rather than the important things, whereas the ampeg lists what you need to know! Plus the Fender has the 4 Band EQ listed twice!
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