Hey everyone, this is my first song, I know it sucks, but I just wanted to share it with you.
If anyone want to add bass, drums, or any kind of solo, they are welcome to do so and post the tab.
no offence but that was pretty aweful, one its abysmally slow, like unlistenably slow, also the riffs were extremely boring at any speed, but at that speed it was un bearable, also what was with the open chords? they sound aweful distored, thats why open chords + distortion =

i think you should leave it a while and get up your chops and your theory knowledge before attempting to write anything else, sure you can write them down but i wouldnt post them here as to be honest youre not gonna get many good comments for them.

Im trying not to come off as a dick here, probably am but whatever, basically just get a bit more playing under your belt and learn theory and then come back to it. also listen to lots more music and as many different types as possible so youll be more inventive with your writing.

anyhoo thats all for now i suppose

/2 cents
Quote by ch715dallat
what was with the open chords? they sound aweful distored, thats why open chords + distortion =

Um, Opeth much? Akerfeldt pulls off those chords pretty well. And here I thought you had good taste in music.

But, everything that Chris here said is right, minus the open chord buisness. Open chords can sound fine distorted as long as the gain isn't pumped up and you use the higher strings (the 6th and 5th strings usually will just sound muddy). First off, speed it up. 120 is a snail's pace and that's a sure fire way to bore people. Even when I pumped it up to 200 it still got old quick. Use different riffs. The one you have is okay, but add rythmic gallops to the chugging on the E-string and throw some chords in there. Add a second guitar doing a harmony or a solo. It alos needs some bass and drums. If you'd like I can mess around with it a bit to show you what I mean. Not a bad first song (my first song was along these lines, even the same rythm on the main riff), but there's really no reason you can't get better. Wow, I kind of sound like a dick, too.
Thanks for the replies guys.
I really appreciate what you said.
onebetter, I would like it if you mess around with it and post the result, thank you