I had these up a while ago, but I re-did them both and edited a few parts where I saw fit, so here there, laid bare for your critique!

The songs are "Mama I'm Coming Home" and "Paranoid", both on my profile page.
Funny words.
Hey thaks for listening to my cover of BATM, OZZY RULES!!

Ok ill critic Paranoid:

Well a little thing on the main beginning riff, i think it sound cooler (and its the way Iommi plays it) when you hammer on the second note on the power chord, i mean, if you are playing in it on the lower 2 strings it will be 6th string 12 fret and 5th string 14th fret, so do a hammer from the 12 to the 14 in the 5th string

I liked your palm mutting, sounds chunky and heavy great, your timming is also pretty good, good job on the solo also, maybe a little more practice on the bends, but sounded good to me,
Pretty good cover dude
Ok, the covers were great, but your tone is foul. What gear do you have? Your a great guitarist, but it sounds like it's time for a new guitar.
Foul tone? I dunno, it sounded pretty good to me.

I agree with the first reply, I like the opening riff better with hammer on's instead if what you did with the separate plucking. But, perhaps you were going for something different.

Good timing, good palm mutes, solo done well, all in all pretty good!
Paranoid was excellent, I was not a fan of mama im coming home however. I think the bends in the intro were off and the song as a whole didnt feel quite right. Great guitar playing however
Quote by rocker931
Ok, the covers were great, but your tone is foul. What gear do you have? Your a great guitarist, but it sounds like it's time for a new guitar.

Thanks about the good guitarist part

I suppose the tone is subjective, some might like it, some might not, it's probably more to do with the fact that I use a modelling system (Digitech GNX3000) to record through, using a Vintage SG, although coincedently I am getting a new guitar next month, Ibanez S2075

Thanks again to everyone for the positive responses so far, I did do the bends a bit off in Mama I'm Coming Home, so that's something I'll revisit and makes amends of at some point.
Funny words.
Paranoid sounds great. Solid playing. Mama I'm Coming Home sounds a little weird with 2 guitars in the intro, but it works. Nice distortion from that modelling thing.
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Loving both covers man! Great tone (is this with your GNX? I dunno if the models are the same/similar as my RP350 but would be interested to know what your presets consist of! If you could PM me about that that would be awesome. I particularly like the heavy tone used at 1:25 on Mama I'm Coming Home.)


I quite like the pinch harmonics you do in the intro of Paranoid, sounds pretty cool but maybe a little out of place? But the whole song is great, quite a huge sound with the guitars, and it sounded really nice and crunchy.

Mama I'm Coming Home

I really liked this, like I said before a really nice tone on the distortion at about 1:25. Maybe the cleans were a little weak, but only a little, as I thought this was a solid cover over all.

By the way excellent work on both solos! Great work man.
I'm not sure I can crit this very well - I don't know a lot about guitar playing or this genre of music. From what my very untrained ears could hear though - it sounded good! lol. I didn't spot anything completely out of place - flowed well. I'm sorry this is so crap - but yeah well done lol - and thanks for the crit
Thanks for the crit of my song!

ok, I check out "Iron Man" and...

-sounded very good
-tone was a little thin [to me] because it was digital, but still nice overall
-solo needs a little work on the bends, but really good for only a year of serious guitar
-intro fills were a nice add with the pinch harmonics...very Zakk Wylde-esque

Cheers for you crit of my cover of Seek And Destroy.

Paranoid:Like the difference you put to the main riff, that little pinch harmonic. Would have to agree with what aprevious poster said and say that your tone sounds pretty bad. Playing wise, you seem to have the rythm nailed, its pretty swell. Like the lead guitar instead of the vocals, nice little touch there. Lead tone seems pretty nice, though.
Very tight, keep up the good work!

I wouldnt be very familiar with this song TBH, so I dont think i can say much about it.
Clean tone sounds VERY nice, I like that a lot. The chorus sounds great. Seems to be very accurate playing here, good job!
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Hey, i really liked the Paranoid cover, nice job on the solo, I actually liked the separate plucking instead of hammer ons in the intro. Personally I think the tone was fine, especially considering its comeing from a modeling system.

Also, Mama I'm coming home was solid as well, but I liked your paranoid cover a lil better.

Nice Harmonics btw

Thanks for critiquing my cover also