I just bought a line 6 floor pod for the fairly reasonable price of £80 second hand. It is in mint condition and still has the manuals, lead and box it came with. Anyway ive been messing about with it for the last few hours and I am really struggling to find the right type of distortion I want. The "insane" setting is nice seen as how I play mostly. But its just not the same sound I can get from my puny (in comparison) Korg Ax5g and I have tried some of the EQ'ing on the pedal and cant find a tone I like. Can anyone help me with some settings to get some useful metal tones ... stuff like Trivium , Arch Enemy , Killswitch Engage or even Metallica ? any ideas ?
I also got a Line 6 Floor Pod and i would also like to know how to get some Metallica sounding effects. Tell me if you know something or someone that knows.