All i have to say is im just tired of not knowing any one on here. I just want some friends. If you care to be a friend thats cool if not thats cool too. If your gonna make fun of me for this as long as i dont know im fine. I just dont have to like your pansy ass. Any way thats all.
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I ain't keen on ired people!

You always make me larf.
Get involved in the sticky threads or any other active threads. you will get friends soon enough.
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*opens happytimeharrys head* *finds nothing*

what a ripoff

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Come on man you don't need friends on an internet forum, get some real life friends
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Yeah you were right about me
he's not looking to the internet for friends really, just would like to have some friends that happen to be on the internet. i'm hoping he has real friends....if not that would be sad.
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Dismemberment gives me an erection!
If only it was that easy to get friends on UG...

Edit: If you're looking for friends, try myspace....
Just ask random people to be your friend. It seems to work for some of my friends. I don't know who you are goddammit! But I can't refuse them. It seems slightly cruel, like crushing a bowl of kittens with a spork.
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cakemonster..you are truly my hero
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HONK!I like your cake.
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And Cakeface, why didn't you sig my


from that other thread?

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I can't stand it any longer.


Honk if you love cake! HONK!!
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But I couldn't find any anywhere else.
The cemetery is a marvelous place full of individuals who won't reject you.
this could be the most pathetic thing ever on the internet. This forum isnt for making friends, its for guitar advice and the occasional laugh.

The outside world is looking for you.
i just want friends that just happen to be online thats it. i have tons a friends im just grounded out of my mind at this point in time. that is the sad part. laugh at me being grounded i dont care. by the way i need help with pinch harmonics too. im not too good with those yet.
I understand where you'rs coming from Hdkid90, I mean how did myspace and facebook get so popular if people don't want friends over the internet? UG profiles are just to get to know other guitarists, and possibly make some friends on the way.
I've got a bike you can ride it if you like
The profiles are a good way to speak to people. Give it time.
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