Ok, I need to find examples of the following vocal styles.

Syllabic chants have primarily one note per syllable. In neumatic chants, two or three notes per syllable predominate, while melismatic chants have syllables that are sung to a long series of notes.

It can be from any artist you want but no hard music. Pop music from 60s-80s please. (good pop artists like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Smiths)

heres some from the greatful deads box of rain

"what do you want me to.." - this is syllabic
and then the next word "do-ew-ooo" is technically neumatic cause theres just 3

and the "I" from the Beatles "i should have known better" is melismatic
Honestly, it sounds like you'd find more if looking at the actual chants than trying to find examples in pop music. Melismas are not usually found throughout a song, only in very isolated places such as the above-mentioned "I" in a Beatles song. Is the assignment to find examples in pop music, or just examples in general?

If the assignment is to find songs that are melismatic or neumatic in nature (overall, more melismas or neumatic parts than syllabic notes), you would probably have better luck looking at music for Catholic masses from the Romanesque and Gothic periods. Secular music, such as pop music, is generally syllabic in nature, with only occasional variances from this norm.
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a decent amount of Black Sabbath is syllabic. The first one that comes to mind is Iron Man, for the most part.

EDIT: is Sabbath considered "hard music"? Almost everybody has heard them, and they aren't what I'd call "hard music",

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^ They were certainly hard in the 70s. And most pop music is sillabic I just noticed.