Anyone know any good electro-metal bands?
Good metal bands with female vocals?
Any bands that have an In Flames or Children of Bodom sound?
Any VIKING METAL!? (or any folk-metal)
a good band with a female vocalist is arch ememy and if u are looking for a good metal band try deicide might be a pit heavy for what u are looking for (its death metal btw) but sweeet sweeet band
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Rec Thread, but try Opeth and Wintersun, there not like In Flames Or COB but if you like them bands youll like these
Female vocals: To-Mera
In Flames: Insomnium, Dark Tranquillity, Soilwork, At the Gates, Blood Stain Child
CoB: Skyfire, Kalmah
Viking/Folk metal: Solefald, Eluveitie, Bathory, Ensiferum

Next time, use the rec thread.