Ok so here we go again!

Wanna try and spice up your day? I know you can care less about my meaningless tasks but hey, be my guest and not do them. Here is your task for today!!


Task #2

Learn the vocals the your favorite song, backwards. You will need a special program for this and I recommend Audacity (google it). If you use Audacity, upload your favorite song and highlight all of it. Than go to the "Effect" tab and hit "Reverse".


Again, I would appreciate it if we didn't get any hate posts like "Heres your task...STFU!!" If you do decide to post like this, you are too cool for me! Go watch G4 or something...
I will make it my task to post one of these everyday both in the morning and at night.

BONUS: If you get a video or sound recording that isn't you going "WEHAYEHAYEHAHSDHYEHS!" You get extra points that are cool yet useless!


Task #1