Such as (7) while reading tab what does this mean. For example


what do I do when I reach that. Also when something says 7b8 for example what does this mean. Do I start bending the 7th and hammer on the 8th or something?
(7) would be a harmonic on the 7th fret and 7b8 is bend the 7th fret note till its the same pitch as the note on the 8th fret
Actually, I think it's just something that good tabbers use to show a tied note. IE, let it ring. Nothing to do with bending the string or anything.

EDIT: Aren't Harms +s abve tabs?
a lot of times the () is used to also notate when to hold out a note

for example.


the (7) indicates that you have to hold the fret from the 2nd seven until then.
(7) could also be a ghost note. That's how they're written in Guitar Pro. I always thought that #* was for harmonics. I don't use regular tabs a lot so I kinda forgot after a while.
well, usually () is a ghost note, and <> would be harmonics

and 7b8 means play the seventh fret, then bend it up to sound like the eigth fret (ie a half step)
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^Thats what ive seen it most commonly as. I suppose every tabber is different though, look for a key.